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Located in Vienna, is specialized in promoting, managing and arranging boxing events in Europe, Africa and the United States. Its main aim is to redesign traditional boxing events by cutting-edge concepts, thus creating a groundbreaking boxing experience. Lewis Boxing Promotions (LBP) takes boxing shows into a new level.

LBP has not only been able to intensify already established contacts to successful American fighters and promoters, but also to establish new co-operations with prominent experts.

LBP benefits from a densely knitted network and excellent contacts to renowned boxing associations, promoters and managers especially in the U.S.  Thus it presents an excellent link between Austria and America and offers an exchanging platform between European, African and American promoters and fighters.

LBP offers contacts - experience - expertise.

Thanks to its experience and knowledge LBP aspires to internationally recruit and promote new talents and provide a solid platform for already established professional fighters.

Build up professional Boxing careers - Management

In order to move on, promising talents are given the opportunity to professionally train with outstanding national and international boxers sharing their knowledge with them.

Dense knitted network, partnerships with world renown boxing promoters, Henry Lewis enjoys flourishing contacts to a global network of boxing promoters, gyms, internationally sought after fighters.

Henry Lewis´ commitment helped establish personal contact to sportsmen & women which he regards as one of his keys to success.

LPB is a visionary with hands on quality.


Professional Event Management

LBP is specialized in the organization of professional boxing events. Here you will find exactly the right people for your event. We turn your event into a unique event.

Get in touch for details.

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